Czech Republic

Take a look at my Czech Republic archives and see what there is to do in this beautiful country!

Visiting Prague on a Budget

Arguably, Prague is one of the cheaper locations to travel in Europe at the moment! It hasn’t yet reached it’s peak of tourism which means now is the perfect time to go! If you’ve got that tab open with some flights to Prague on hold then book them! You won’t regret it, and your purse won’t either. Prague is like many other Eastern European countries, full of history, beautiful architecture, comfort food and endless things to see! However, there are tourist traps there, and you can easily be led astray on your budget!

My entire trip to Prague (flights, hotel and spending money) cost around £350 for 5 days, and this is including a trip to the Beer Spa which isn’t so cheap! Check my full post on that here.

Things to See and Do

Free walking tour around the city! I’ve been on Sandeman’s walking tours in Berlin and Prague and I’m heading on another soon in Copenhagen! The tours are around 4 hours long with a small break in the middle (usually at a cafe so you can nip to the bathroom or grab a drink) and within that time you’ve seen a huge amount of the must-see locations in the city, learned some history and interesting facts, and also got your bearings around the city! I’ve been on other walking tours before where you pay beforehand but the idea of Sandeman’s is that you pay at the end, depending on what you think it is worth and your budget! For example, I paid around €8 for the tour in Berlin and 100Kč, which is around £3.50 and more relative to the cost of things in the country!

Prague Castle and it’s a must-see on your trip! Tickets vary, and you buy a different ticket depending on which areas of the castle you want to see! We bought the ticket ‘B’, which allowed entry to St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower, only missing out on an exhibition (which, on the day we went had a 2-3 hour long queue to get into anyway!) and the Rosenburg Palace. As a student, my entry was only 125Kč, and my boyfriend paid 250Kč, around £4 and £8. Check out the ticket pricing here.

Top tip: take the tram up to the castle to save your legs all the walking and walk down instead! Head to the restaurant called the Lokal Inn and stop for a beer and local cuisine!

Visit the John Lennon Wall for a quick snap of this iconic landmark, originally made to anger the Communist regime in the 1980s. Today, the wall is full of artwork and has local musicians playing in the area, and tourists from around the world writing positive notes on the wall. From here, w Charles Bridge and take in the sights of the river and street artists and head towards the Old Town Square where you can see the Astronomical Clock! Wenceslas Square is full of souvenir shops and cafes (head to da Tarquino for some incredible Italian food!) and the Royal Route is a great way to explore the city on foot!

There are so many beautiful sights and buildings to see in the city, and a walk down the river or to one of the parks is a great way to experience Prague. If you’re visiting around Christmas time, take some time to visit the Christmas Markets around the city and sip a mulled wine whilst exploring the stalls.

If museums and historical buildings are more your thing, I recommend exploring St. Vitus Cathedral and visiting the Jewish Museum. Pricier than the castle but so worth the visit. If you’ve ever been to Berlin and experienced the Holocaust Memorial in the city and walked through the blocks and how daunting they can be, this experience is based on the Jewish cemetery in the museum. There aren’t many free museums in the city, but they won’t set you back more than around £10 for the visit, which is well worth it in my opinion!

The Best City Views

For only 75Kč (£2.60), climb up the stairs in the Charles Bridge Tower and make your way to the viewpoint on top. It’s a little bit small up here so get yourself a good spot and wait for sunset to take some beautiful photos of the city moving from day to night!

On your walk down from the castle are some incredible views. Prague Castle Hill offers a stunning view of the entire city from up high, and plenty of spots to stop and take a photo on the way down! there’s also a wine bar on the walk down which would be incredible on a summer’s evening.

Dubbed as Prague’s very own Eiffel Tower is the Petrin Tower! Climb up for some amazing views of the entire city and the castle and escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre for a while.

Getting Around

Walking is by far the cheapest and easiest way to navigate yourself around the city, and despite the castle being a fair walk away from monuments such as the Old Town Square, it can definitely still be done if you’re on a budget!

We caught the tram up to the castle on a single ticket, and public transport tickets all vary depending on how long you are travelling for. A 90 minute pass (long enough to get to the airport!) only costs 32Kč (£1.10), and a 30 minute ticket is 24Kč (84p), cheaper for children and free for young children. Keep in mind if you are travelling to/from the airport then you will need a ticket for your bag on the trams and buses too, which is a half price ticket for 16Kč (56p). You can buy tickets from ticket machines in stations and airports, but you can also buy them from little corner shops located near to tram and bus stops if there are no machines. (If you’ve travelled in Italy, then it’s the same concept they have too!)

Food & Drinks

I have an entire post dedicated to the food in Prague here, but I can’t not mention the fact that beer is cheaper than water, I kid you not. Apparently a law was put forward to make other beverages cheaper than beer in restaurants, and it was rejected by parliament! So whilst you’re in Prague, be prepared to drink plenty of £1 pints of beer (or more expensive bottled water or soda if you don’t drink!)

If you want some cheap food to fill your tummy, there are plenty of hotdog stands around the city, which only cost around 32Kč (£1.10). Heading to traditional restaurants means you can be fed and watered for only around £6 a person for a hearty meal, so be wary if you’re paying UK prices when in a ‘traditional’ restaurant. A lot of the best restaurants aren’t in super-touristy locations either so be prepared to pay more if you want to eat in Old Town Square or by Charles Bridge! Another tourist trap is trdelnik, a popular wood-fired dough coated in sugar and often filled with Nutella or ice cream! I found one to try for around 60Kč, but there are some located around the city for upwards of 150Kč (£5.24!). If you want one, then of course go for it! But for Prague, this is very overpriced just for tourists to buy! I’d stick to the beer.

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Have you been to Prague before? Where did you like to visit/eat?! I’d love to know!

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Beer Spa, Prague // Review

One of my favourite things to do when I’m travelling is to visit a spa at some point during my trip, and what’s better than trying out a beer spa when in Prague? You may be thinking “what is a beer spa exactly? Bathing in beer?”, and to some extent this is what you do! Whilst drinking unlimited beer and eating beer bread, of course.

This is a very unique experience to try out whilst in Prague, and you have the benefit of having an entire room to yourself to relax and take a break from exploring!

We booked an hour long session with my boyfriend and I both sharing a tub (you can also pay a little more for your own) and next time I will definitely book two! Upon arriving, we checked in at the reception desk and instantly got handed some beer glasses to learn how to pour our own beer whilst in the spa, and to get started drinking! They have a little shop with some beer bread to try also, so after leaving the spa you can spend some time drinking more beer and browsing the beer-related shower gels and soaps they have to offer.

Upon entering the room, you’re shown all the ingredients that will be in the bath, along with the timings of the treatment. Once the door has been closed, you have five minutes to undress and put your clothes in the wardrobe, put on your swimsuits (or go naked if thats your thing!) and hop into the bath once it starts bubbling after five minutes. The temperature is set between 37 and 40 degrees centigrade and you have 25 minutes to drink endless beer and relax.

Once the bath has stopped bubbling, it’s time to get out to dry and lie on the hay bed! They provide sheets to lie on if you don’t fancy just lying on hay, but it’s surprisingly comfy and relaxing! After a further 25 minutes the timer goes off and you have 10 minutes to change! You’re told not to shower for 2-3 hours after the treatment so your skin can feel the full benefits and absorb all the vitamins from the water, but luckily the beer smell doesn’t linger too much on skin!

You’ll want to rinse your swimsuits straight away so they don’t maintain too much of the water, and just a warning, they do smell very beer-like afterwards!

If you’re looking for a fun and different thing to do in Prague, then the beer spa is the place to go! We visited this location, although you can also visit a bigger room with a sauna experience too! I’d recommend a two hour visit, although depending on your budget a one hour visit is still incredible!

Have you been to a beer spa before? What did you think of it?

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Where To Eat In Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is well known for its love for beer, and not only that, its cheap beer. Head to any restaurant and beer will be the cheapest drink on the menu (even cheaper than water, they tried to pass a law to change it but it didn’t get approved!), but what do you eat with your beer? The city is full of traditional Czech dishes like goulash, fried cheese and apple strudel, but beware many Czech dishes are not all too healthy so you may want to walk it off afterwards!

We visited Prague in January so a mix of the cold weather and my boyfriend and I not feeling too well over the trip made us want some warming and hearty food, so we tried a mix of cuisines!


La Piccola Perla

Perlová 412/1, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

We visited La Piccola Perla on our first night in Prague based on a TripAdvisor search nearby to our hotel, and if you want authentic Italian food whilst in Prague, this is one of the best places to go. Unfortunately, I was really unwell the first night after the flight and I couldn’t taste as much as normal, but I can say in confidence my pork and pesto pasta was delicious, and tasted as good as in Italy! They can get quite busy during the evenings so make sure you’ve either turned up early or booked ahead (especially if you’re in a group!).

We visited twice on our trip, the second time to try their pizza, and the portions are huge for the price you pay! In short, if you’re craving Italian food, look no further.

Recommendations: The pork and pesto pasta, garlic bread, homemade pizza and tiramisu


U Parlamentu

Valentinská 52/8, 110 00 Praha-Staré Město-Staré Město, Czechia

Recommended by our walking tour guide, U Parlamentu sells authentic Czech cuisine with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We both shared a table with a guy we had just met on the walking tour from Minnesota and shared stories over some beer and beef goulash! The dumplings with the goulash are a lot more bread-like than English style dumplings and very filling too! If you’re a meat eater, definitely get yourself a beef goulash before leaving Prague, you won’t regret it!

Recommendations: Beef goulash, any beer!

Sad Man’s Tongue

Konviktská 7/7, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Another meal, another £1 beer! Sad Man’s Tongue was on my to-visit list before going to Prague, and it was luckily just across the street from our hotel! There’s a bar as you first enter so whilst waiting for a table, we grabbed a beer at the bar and admired the decorations! The bar is covered in money from around the globe and funny memorabilia, and the entire restaurant has a 1950s American Diner vibe!

To start, we ordered the cheese onion rings, which as the menu said, are more like doughnuts! As an onion ring addict, I can assure you these were unreal! If you’re hungry enough, order yourself a portion, if not one to share! For our mains we both ordered the jalapeño burgers with fries, and they, too, were delicious! As we were leaving they were setting up to play some live music at around 9pm, so it’s a great evening hang out spot!

Recommendations: Onion rings, jalapeno burger

Lokal Inn

Míšeňská 66/12, 110 00 Malá Strana, Czechia

Based on another recommendation, we headed to Lokal after visiting Prague Castle for some more Czech cuisine, this time I opted for the fried cheese! Lokal offer unlimited sides, so after picking a main dish you can select a side and keep asking for more if you wish! My boyfriend had the goulash with dumplings and I had crushed onion potatoes with my fried cheese. If you’re wondering what the fried cheese is like, it’s basically a large slice of edam-style cheese that has been covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried, heaven for a cheese lover like myself. Both meals were so filling so we didn’t get to order any more sides!

P.S If you’re wondering which beer to order that is sweeter and more caramel-like, opt for a darker one! They’re called “female beers” in Prague because women usually prefer the sweeter taste, but give  both varieties a go and see what you think!

Recommendations: Fried cheese, beef goulash, dark beer

Da Tarquino

Václavské nám. 807/64, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia

Da Tarquino is the perfect lunch spot in the city if you’re in the new town, and offer eat in or take-away coffees, sandwiches, sweets and some delicious Italian cuisine! We skipped appetisers and shared some carbonara, Quattro formaggio pizza and each had a cannoli for dessert (my weakness).

Recommendations: Carbonara, Cannoli

Fat Cat Brewery and Pub

Karlova 147/44, 110 00 Praha-Staré Město-Staré Město, Czechia

If you’re looking for a guaranteed place for a seat, some food and toilets (there aren’t many free bathrooms in the city unfortunately), then the Fat Cat is your place! The beers here will set you back around £3-4 instead of the usual £1 because they’re a micro brewery, and the food is averagely priced too.

It has a sports-bar-esque vibe with Eurosport playing when we were there, but luckily being winter we got to watch the skiing and winter sports! They also play some amazing music in here too, so even as a place to sit and rest your feet after a long day exploring!

Recommendations: Sliders, Bohemian hot dog, brownie and ice cream

Hard Rock Cafe Prague

Dům U Rotta, Malé nám. 3, 110 00 Staré Město, Czechia

Not the most original place to eat, I know! But if you’re looking for a quick place for cheap cocktails and good food then the Hard Rock Cafe is your place. The waitresses I’ve had in every Hard Rock Cafe are also really nice and helpful, and it’s a perfect place to escape the bustle of the Old Town Square!

Recommendations: Onion ring tower, pulled pork burger, parmesan fries

Street Food

You’ll see street food dotted around the city, especially around Christmas time whilst the market is still on! Although by some it isn’t deemed ‘traditional’, you’ll be able to smell the Czech trdelnik before you see it! Trdelnik is a sweet pastry cooked over coals and then coated in sugar and cinnamon and often filled with Nutella or ice cream and you’ll find stands on most tourist-y streets. Just watch out for the prices, the cheapest I found was a plain trdelnik for around £2 (or 60cz), but you can pay upwards of £5 for one filled with ice cream and other toppings. Most food in Prague is cheap, and you can get a meal and drink for around £6-7 so watch out for tourist based prices!

Saying that, the cheapest food stand I saw on the side of the road was by the castle and sold hot dogs for £1 and beers for £1, so cheap meals are out there if you look! Make sure you aren’t overpaying for your food and drinks in the city, and like anywhere, do your research beforehand and you’ll be fine!

Have you been to Prague before? Where are you favourite places to eat?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading and found this helpful!

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